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Increase your revenue and built international recognition for your family winery

Who is SmartVino for?

Boutique wineries, family wineries, winemakers which have too many on their head, winery managers which need support.

  • You are looking for effective ways to increase your wine sales
  • Planning to expand your export business
  • You are trying to find a trustworthy distributor for your fantastic wine, but receiving empty promises
  • You send hundreds of emails and make dozens of calls but nothing is happening
  • You attended wine trade fairs but were not satisfied with the results.
  • Your office work at the winery is complicated, and you’d like to simplify it
  • Increasing wine sales is something you want to do
  • You wish to upgrade your wine sales and marketing skills

In case you recognize yourself among these problems, let’s talk about it.

How SmartVino works?

If you want to do work on any of the challenges I deal with, you can choose from three programs I provide.

During the one-on-one meeting we set up an individual work plan. We plan according to the action learning method, so you do some work and I am your guide and support you in the process. New skills stay with you forever. It’s an investment. Read more about the one-on-one session here and services I offer.

The group program, online courses and workshops only launches a very few a year and you can’t join in the middle of it. It’s important that you don’t miss out on this chance. It’s best to sign up on the waitlist. You will get info when a new program appears.

Any concerns about whether I can help you are allayed. Email me, book a discovery call. It costs you nothing and you will be 100% sure if we want to work with me.

I run the online program in English and Polish, one-on-one meetings the same.

You don’t need any previous experience, we can start from scratch.  Using the action learning method, there will be no dry definition.

The online program has a set course of action that you are introduced to before you sign up. We work on enhancing various aspects of your wine business. This is usually over four to eight weeks or even a few months! You are attending group meetings. We meet online, you receive ready-made templates and instructional materials. Exchanging experiences with other participants and motivating yourself together brings great results.

It doesn’t matter whether you have been involved in the wine business for years or are just starting out. If you want to be good at what you do, you need to continually gain new knowledge and experience. And I am here to help you with that.

Do you have questions – contact me and let’s make your business dreams come true.

Wine business strategist, founder and trainer

your guide in the process


I’m Joanna Pudo. I help boutique wineries owners develop their business, increase their revenue, and establish a reliable and recognizable brand.

I specialize in the Central European market, especially the Polish one.

It was in 2014 that I became involved in the wine and spirits industry. Besides working for a large and prestigious wine importer, I worked in export for a European leading cosmetics start-up. This allowed me to develop a holistic vision of the wine industry and import-export challenges. With this unique experience, I was able to successfully manage the country’s largest international wine trade shows.

There is much more to my love and passion for wine and wine business, so if you want to find out more, read the article What is my why in wine business?


I teach step by step how to develop well prospering wine business for boutique wineries.

I strongly believe that wineries of any size should have access to professional assistance to share their exceptional products with the world.

I help people to improve their wine businesses by applying 5 KEY ELEMENTS.
(Scroll down to read about them)

I work online and internationally.

No boring theory – pure action and visible results.

My motto is: Work smarter not harder.

If it speaks to you let’s stay in touch!

The easiest way is to sign up on my newsletter on the bottom of this site or book a discovery call below.
Just don’t forget to make it.

You'll walk away with this


Transformation of your business communication into something you never imagined
Profitable and time-saving self-organization, letting you focus on what matters most delivered through a fully supported online learning journey
Practical and proven wine sales strategies
Possessing ready-to-use ideas on how to build strong relationships with B2B clients and maximize incomes. Your business partners will eventually become your greatest allies
The best kept secrets for charming Central European clients which never failed me

Let's talk how you can boost your wine sale and marketing with me

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How to improve your wine business communication?

Get for FREE! 25 Best Phrases to attract wine distributor

Find out about my

international experience

SMART Export

Joanna worked as an export manager for one of the fastest growing cosmetic startups in Poland. She was cooperating and advising world class distributors and famous big chains in a win-win spirit but also protecting the high values of the brand she was representing.

Wine Brands

Joanna's trade and marketing background in working with prestigious wine and spirits brands on Polish market: Golan Heights Winery (Israel), Klet Brda (Slovenia), Farnese Vini (Italy), Chateau Vartely (Moldova), Whyte & Mackay: The Dalmore, JURA whisky (the UK), Fonseca (Portugal) and many more.

Manager who cares

As the international wine trade fairs manager Joanna had cooperated with many embassies and international trade organizations preparing astonishing online and offline wine events. She was always taking care of her clients doing best to help them achieve their business goals.

As a professional and interpersonally skilled individual, Joanna provided reliability and smooth cooperation. The collaboration felt like we had been working together for years on several projects at the same time