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One-on-one consultation

The shortest way to reach your goal

A one-on-one consultation is a great way to start actively working on your biggest issues.
I can guarantee you that after the first meeting you will have a clear vision of what needs to be done.
During the free discovery call we’ll discuss the problem you want to work on and I provide you with an initial plan of action and an estimated number of sessions (perhaps just one or maybe it will be 4 or 6).

We meet a maximum of once a week online. We discuss your progress, determine next steps, I help you decide, suggest best practices, and provide tool recommendations.

You can rely on my email support when working one-on-one. After each meeting you have a list of tasks to complete before the next meeting. As a result, you are motivated to keep working and stay committed to your goals.
Once you have completed the process, we meet for a short celebration call to also help you persist with your new strategy. It’s yours forever after you complete the work!

Different types of one-on-one meeting offer:

* before making a decision I recommend you to book a free discovery call

Examples of consultation topics:

  • Wine trade fair marketing and strategy preparation
  • Refreshing the marketing image
  • Building strategy to increase sales in a specific market
  • Annual sales and marketing strategy
  • Business correspondence consultation

1. Book a discovery call

  • free of charge
  • online meeting
  • discussing the problem
  • initial plan 
  • your decision
  • 30 minutes duration

2. Book one-on-one

  • maximum once a week
  • clear list of tasks
  • visible progress
  • keeping you motivated
  • email support
  • 60 minutes duration

3. Reach your goal

  • celebration call*
  • summary of your progress
  • discussing next steps
  • happiness and satisfaction

*celebration call it’s on me